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Program Synopsis

Pips is an 1-hour session that includes drills teaching your child the most important first steps of hockey!  This class is designed for 4 - 6 year olds who have previous skating experience and want to play hockey.  Full equipment is required.

Program Synopsis

1-Hour Classes designed for beginning players and players looking to further develop skill. 

Skating: forward & backward, turning, crossovers, starts, strides, pivots, & stops

Puck Control: stick handling, stationary, movement around obstacles, stops & starts with pucks

Shooting: forehand & backhand, wrist, slap, snap, flip, & one-time shots

Passing: forehand & backhand, giving & receiving, drop, saucer, stationary & moving passes

Program Synopsis

Classes are 1-hour in duration.  Students divided by age and skill level.

Beginners:  Students will develop and enhance basic skating drills.  Shooting and Stickhandling will be covered, but the emphasis will be on skating, stopping on both sides.

Intermediate:  Students will do more complex drills designed to enhance basic skating skills; crossovers, pivots, and transitions. Skating backward comfortably. More instruction on shooting and stickhandling.

Advanced: Students will develop advanced techniques of skating and stick handling, shooting and passing. Designed for players in House and Travel Hockey.

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